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                              WELCOME FROM THE BOARD OF EDUCATION                               


The Wisconsin Rapids Board of Education welcomes public participation in its meetings and encourages citizens to express their views on subjects related to the Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools.
Wisconsin School Boards deal with local conditions and decide local issues. Their power and authority, as established in the Wisconsin Constitution, is derived from the state. Wisconsin laws provide specific direction for the organization of school boards in school districts such as Wisconsin Rapids.
School Board powers are limited to matters for which there is specific statutory authority or to matters which are essential to the accomplishment of the purposes for which the school district was created. Numerous state and federal laws also affect or limit the way a school board may exercise its power.
The District is managed by the administration, working within the meaning and intent of Board policies. The administration is guided by the Superintendent.

Meeting Times
Committee meetings of the Board of Education are held the first Monday of each month. Regular Board meetings are normally held the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. The location of the meetings and notice of special meetings is published in The Daily Tribune at least 24 hours before the meeting. Meeting notices are also posted on the District’s WebPages at wrps.org. Inquires about meetings should be directed to the Superintendent’s office at 715-424-6701.
A written agenda is prepared for each meeting and is available at the Thomas A. Lenk Educational Services Center, 510 Peach Street, on the Friday preceding each Board meeting. The agenda is also available on the District’s WebPages at www.wrps.org.
The customary order of business includes:
1.       Call to Order
2.       Pledge of Allegiance
3.       Roll Call
4.       Student Representative Report
5.       Superintendent’s Report
6.       Board President’s Report
7.       Approval of minutes of preceding meetings
8.       Comments from Citizens and Delegations
9.       Committee Reports
10.     Agenda Referrals/Information Requests
11.     Legislative Agenda
12.     Action on Receipts and Disbursements
13.     Unfinished Business
14.     New Business
15.     Calendar
16.     Adjournment
Open Meetings
The Wisconsin open meetings law requires that the Board or Board Committee only deal with subject matter that is noticed on their respective agendas. Persons wishing to place items on the agenda should contact the District Office at 715-424-6701 at least seven working days prior to the meeting date for the item to be considered.  The item may be referred to the appropriate committee or placed on the Board agenda as determined by the Superintendent and/or Board President.

Citizen Participation
Citizens of the area are encouraged to become active in the Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools.  Questions and concerns about an individual school should be addressed to the Principal of that school.
Individuals who wish to address the Board may do so by contacting the Office of the Superintendent prior to the Wednesday preceding the monthly committee meetings, or by registering with the Board of Education Secretary prior to each monthly meeting.
Superintendent of Schools
The Superintendent of Schools is appointed by the Board of Education as its executive officer.  He/she administers Board policies and oversees the operation of the school district. It is his/her duty to keep the Board informed regarding the needs of the school district.  The Superintendent and his/her staff are professional resources to the Board. Generally, their recommendations are made prior to Board action.
Meeting Minutes
Board of Education agendas, background and minutes are listed on the District’s WebPages at www.wrps.org.   Printed copies of the minutes from all Board meetings are available from any school office or by request from:

Superintendent’s Office
Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools
510 Peach Street
Wisconsin Rapids WI 54494

Assistive Technology
With advance notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities by providing a sign language interpreter or other auxiliary aids, by calling 715-424-6701.


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