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The Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools (WRPS) encompasses the city of Wisconsin Rapids; the villages of Biron, Rudolph, Vesper; and all or portions of 11 surrounding townships.  Serving as a unified school district, WRPS has a student population of approximately 5,400.  Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools offers half-day 4K programming and has five K-5 elementary schools, three elementary charter schools, one middle school (grades 6-7), one junior high school (grades 8-9), one senior high school (grades 10-12), one alternative high school (grades 9-12), and operates a virtual school program with an enrollment of over 200 students.  The school system has earned a solid reputation as a progressive, professional organization, which has high student achievement and a low drop out rate.  Programs have been changed and continually evolve in order to best meet the needs of our students.  Staff members are continuously recognized by both state and national organizations and agencies for their professionalism and expertise.


Taking a Look At Our Curriculum


All curriculum areas are aligned to the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards.  In addition, local benchmarks have been established by grade level and course for each curricular area.  Within the District, there are eleven working curriculum committees, representing the various content areas.  These curriculum committees are responsible for studying and evaluating curriculum based on a seven year cycle.  With the passage of the referendum in the fall of 2006, the acquisition cycle for replacement of curricular materials in each content area is now seven years.

Within WRPS, there is a focus on continuous improvement.  Annually, achievement is studied based on an analysis of standarded assessments, District assessments and classroom assessments.  These assessment information sources provide data from which curricular strengths and areas for improvement can be determined.


 Lincoln High School

River Cities High School

East Junior High 


Wisconsin Rapids Area Middle School

 Grant Elementary

Grove Elementary 


 Howe Elementary

Mead Elementary Charter

THINK Academy


Vesper Community Academy

Washington Elementary

Woodside Elementary



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