School Resource Officers



Officer Eric Daven
East Junior High
Wisconsin Rapids Area Middle School
EJH: 715.424.6730
WRAMS: 715.424.6740


   Officer Cody Wetterau
     Lincoln High School
Ext. 4009





Police School Liaison Officers have been chartered to develop means to assist schools in maintaining a safe learning environment.

Through an educational process students and staff gain knowledge about the laws that pertain to them in and out of the schoolhouse.

Prevention programs are developed and implemented with the assistance of school administration.
Enforcement action is taken when it is necessary to protect and maintain the safe learning environment that currently exists.


  • Build confident, trusting relationships between police, school faculty, students, and parents.
  • Educate students about the role of the criminal justice system and how it applies to them.
  • Increase reporting of crimes against students and their property.
  • Reduce disruptive behavior in schools and surrounding areas.
  • Reduce crime against students and their property.

Services provided

  • On-site resource to administrators, teachers, students, and parents at Lincoln High School, East Junior High School, and Wisconsin Rapids Area Middle School – limited availability at elementary schools.
  • Class presentations on laws and how it applies to them.  Subjects covered are harassment, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, theft, vandalism, physical assault, sexual assault, truancy, personal safety, internet safety, and traffic.
  • Counsel at-risk students.
  • Attend school events to provide safety and security.
  • Create and assist in projects, grants, and programs sponsored by school clubs and community youth organizations.
  • Involved with co-curricular activities.
  • Meet with parents as requested or needed.
  • Investigate crimes in and out of the schoolhouse that relate to students and others.
  • Available to businesses that have concerns about student patrons. 
  • Wisconsin Rapids School District’s direct contact to Wisconsin Rapids Police Department services.

Legal consequences

Persons who choose inappropriate behavior in and around the schoolhouse may be subject to fines or referrals to Social Services in addition to other discipline imposed by the school.

This type of action is reserved for those individuals whose behavior is threatening or damaging to the welfare of themselves or others and is likely to be repeated.

If possible or appropriate, the student is given the opportunity to correct the behavior prior to legal consequences being imposed.

Students who are 17 years of age or older are considered adults in the criminal justice system and processed accordingly.  These students are subject to fines in the amount of $298.00 for offenses such as disorderly conduct and harassment.  Other serious violations could result in a criminal referral to the District Attorney or immediate confinement in jail.

Students under the age of 17 are subject to fines of $109.00 or a referral to Social Services for violations such as disorderly conduct and harassment.

Alcohol and drug related offenses have additional consequences such as loss of driving privileges.


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