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The School District contracts with two private bus companies, Safe-Way Bus Transit, Inc., and Lamers Bus Lines, Inc., for transportation service for more than 3,003 young people annually. About 53 percent of those who attend 28 public and parochial school sites make the daily round trip from home to school on a bus.
School district buses travel over 1.3 million miles each year at a cost of approximately $2,974,799. Over 100 daily bus routes which crisscross the District are designed and coordinated through the District’s transportation personnel.
Annual cost per pupil is $980 and $54,087 per bus. The State of Wisconsin picks up one-fourth of the total cost.
Parents of students who live less than two miles from school and are in an area not considered hazardous are responsible for transportation unless available through the District “Parent-Pay” program.

Parents desiring additional information on the “Parent-Pay” program should call Transportation Services, Thomas A. Lenk Educational Services Center, (715) 424-6704.



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