Annual Required Inservice and Video Training



Annually, each WRPS staff member is required to review the policies and procedures listed below.  Additionally, Wisconsin state law requires all employees of public school districts to report suspected child abuse and neglect, Wis. Stat. sec. 48.981(2)(a)16m.  All public school employees must be trained annually in order to be in compliance with Wisconsin Act 81.  After each staff member has reviewed the policies, procedures and child abuse and neglect training, they MUST verify to the Human Resources Department that the review is completed. 

To complete the above tasks:

  • Click on each of the links below.
  • Review the information. (Each link will pop up in a new window)
  • Repeat the above for each of the policies/procedures that pertain to you. 
  • Once all policies/procedures are completed, submit the verification document by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Please be sure to select the correct link as there are two forms, one for employees with WRPS Google accounts and one not requiring a login.


Section One - Required to be completed by ALL

1.Acceptable Use Policy For Staff

2.Bloodborne Pathogens

3.Non-Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying

4.Student Code of Conduct and Staff Information

5.Drug-Free Workplace Policy (pdf)


Section Two - Required to be completed by employees in the following groups: Administration, Professional Staff, Clerical/Aides, Food Service, Custodians, Maintenance and Computer Technicians

6.Employee 403 (b) Savings Plan

7.OPEB Notice

8.FMLA General Notice

9. Employee Handbook

10. New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage (pdf)


Section Three - Required to be completed by ALL except Volunteers

11.Mandatory Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Training Video (video/mp4)

Online Verification Instructions

Please click here to send an online verification form to the Human Resources Department if you do not have a WRPS login. 

Please click here to send an online verification form to the Human Resources Department if you are a WRPS Employee with a login. 

This will notify Human Resources that you have read and understand all of the information. 



 Please contact Melissa Bouchard at of the Wisconsin Rapids Public School Human Resources Dept with any questions or concerns.  

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