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Porfolio/Spring Concert Night

Thursday, April 24


We will be incorporating spring concerts this year as well.  Please review the schedule below and contact your child’s teacher  or the office with any questions.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

4:00-4:45 Classroom sharing

4:45 Parents report to the gym and teachers will escort students to the concert.

5:00 Concert Begins

Grade 3-5

4:30 Classroom sharing

5: 45 Parents report to the gym and teachers will escort students to the concert.

6:00 Concert Begins


Art to Remember

 Attention Parents!  Our school will be participating in an Art to Remember program.  Your child should have received a custom brochure and order form from their classroom teacher that you will use to order keepsakes.  Deadline for the orders is Aprilt 29th.


Walking School Bus

The walking school bus program has started.  For more information please contqact:  Beverly Ghiloni at 715-459-5599  or bghiloni@wirapids.org


 Online Verification Process

It is very important that this be done at the beginning of the school year as well as updating throughout the school year if you are to move or if your phone number/email address has changed.  This is the only information the office has regarding your student's contacts, as well as permission for over the counter medications.  Should you have any questions regarding this process, please call the office at 715-424-6788.

 Elementary Schools


Our K-5 elementary schools have a curriculum that emphasizes literacy skills.  Teachers work to provide a strong basis in reading and writing to insure success at the secondary level and beyond.  Critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, and technology integration are woven throughout the language arts, math, science and social studies areas.  In addition, students receive art, music and physical education classes weekly.

At the primary level, the District curriculum is also developmentally appropriate.  This means that teachers meet each student where they are, and take them to their optimal learning level.  Lessons address varied interests, needs and abilities.  The development of each child’s confidence as a learner is also an important part of the teaching and learning that occurs at the elementary level.

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