Grant Elementary

  • 8511 County Road WW
  • Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
  • Phone: (715) 424-6766
  • Fax: (715) 422-6384
  • Principal
    Timothy Bruns

Grant Elementary School

Grant School Mission Statement

We believe…

  •  All students are able to learn.
  •  Grant School is an accepting place where students, staff and parents feel safe, able to take risks and discover their talents.
  •  Grant School is a supportive community where involvement is encouraged and education is viewed as a joint effort.
  •  Our classroom curriculum is meaningful, consistent, developmental and accessible to all learners.
  •  Our classroom instruction is based on the needs of the learners and what we know about how children learn.

Grant School welcomes parent and community involvement and strives for open communication.


Grant School Vision

Learning Community:  Parents, guardians, students, staff and the community will work together and share ownership in Grant School.

Community Climate:  The Grant learning community will be an environment in which the basic needs of love, esteem, belongingness, safety and physical well-being are met.

Diversity and Differentiation:  The Grant learning community will acknowledge and value diversity.

Curriculum:  The Grant learning community will set high academic standards and use best instructional practices to ensure that all students experience success and growth according to their individual abilities.

Assessment:  The Grant learning community will use a variety of assessment tools to guide the learning process and determine best instructional practices.

Lifelong Learning:  The Grant learning community will value learning and have the desire to continue learning throughout our lives.


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  • Grant Elementary
  • 8511 County Rd WW, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
  • Phone: 715-424-6766