Virtual School Program
We welcome you to the Wisconsin Rapids Public School’s Virtual Education Program!
The 4K -12 virtual education program has been added to the services offered to both District and surrounding community students. We are thrilled to offer families another avenue for the education of their children through these services. We hope that your experience as a member of the WRPS virtual program will be enjoyable, challenging, and productive.

Why choose WRPS for your Virtual School Program?
This virtual school component offers families the option to learn in a self-paced environment and customize education to support student goals. Virtual School students are welcome to participate in any combination of classes, field studies, and school activities including extra curricular and sports. This option is a great solution for families who want to be totally involved in all aspects of their child(ren)’s education.
If you are interested in Virtual Programming through Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools, please contact Heather Rasmussen at 715-424-6700, ext. 1055 or click here to email Heather Rasmussen.


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