Mentor/New Teacher Program

60 minutes networking and meal and possible presentations, 60 minutes for professional development plan, 60 minutes for cracker barrel.

All Classes held from 4:30–6:30 p.m.

Meeting Dates Printable Format


Port Edwards, Rosholt and Wisconsin Rapids

  • Class attendance.
  • Representation of each class session demonstrating that information was integrated into classroom.  Could take form of student work, picture, observation notes, running record, lesson plan, journal reflections, etc.  This is due the session after the topic is discussed and should be placed in binder directly behind that session date.
  • Observations and Visitations.
  • Four mentor observations of you – observation write-up and data must be submitted (blue forms).
  • Two observations of your mentor – write-up must be submitted (pink forms).
  • Two observations of other district teachers – write-up must be submitted (pink forms).
  • Short paper reflecting individual professional goals for 2005-06, identifying specific standards you will work on, and activities you will engage in to meet those goals.


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