Vesper Community Academy

  • 6443 Virginia Street
  • Vesper, WI  54489
  • Phone: (715) 424-6786
  • Fax: (715) 569-5300
  • Principal
    Jennifer Wilhorn

Vesper Community Academy

Vesper Community Academy provides an academically rigorous project-driven curriculum aligned with the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards in the core subjects:  Language arts/reading, math, science, and social studies.  By encompassing a standards-based, constructivist curriculum benefiting the community, Vesper Community Academy engages students as scholars, active citizens, friends and neighbors, and, above all, learners who make the Vesper community the focus of serious study.  This 4K-5 school offers an innovative choice for students to become part of a smaller learning community that exemplifies the best of multi-age learning, community involvement, and leadership development for life.

Vesper Community Academy pays rigorous attention to reading, writing, and mathematical proficiencies with project activities that embed basic skills development; while enhancing the student’s understanding of his or her community.  Though different in scope for different ages, all Vesper’s students engage learning through a blend of teacher- and student-led projects; individual, small group, classroom and, on occasion, all school. With attention to individualized personal learning, Vesper students work to build life-long learning skills as they gain vital capacity in their project endeavors. 

Teachers use a variety of instructional materials and strategies to assure that students achieve the Essential Learning Outcomes at their grade level.  Daily intervention and enrichment in language arts and math provide targeted instruction in core areas.  Common formative assessments assist teachers in designing individualized instruction to maximize learning for each student.  Weekly teacher collaboration is used to determine learning goals and interventions based on student needs, strengths, and interests in accordance with the Essential Learning Outcomes.



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  • Vesper Community Academy
  • 6443 Virginia St, Vesper, WI 54489
  • Phone: 715-424-6786