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What We Do

The Wisconsin Rapids Public School’s mission statement reads:  Working together with home and community, we are dedicated to providing the best education for every student, enabling each to be a thoughtful, responsible contributor to a changing world. This statement summarizes the Lincoln High School Volunteer Program and the values we encourage.

The Lincoln High School Student Volunteer Center has a long tradition of assisting the Wisconsin Rapids area community and schools.  Many of our special programs make a significant impact on our community. 
Our student volunteers assist with numerous activities in our local area on an annual basis.  Some of them are:  Day of Caring, Community Candles, Hospital Teen Program, Stuff the Bus/Desk, and the Senior Service Project. LHS students also volunteer on an “as needed” basis.  Activities include working with community professionals, children, peers, teachers, special needs individuals or the elderly.
We are always looking for new and challenging activities for students to get involved in.  We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with all community-based organizations including non-profit agencies, faith-based organizations, educational institutions, or government entities.  If you would like to have the LHS Volunteer Center assist your organization with its volunteer needs, please feel free to contact Marci Doersch, Volunteer Coordinator, at 715-424-6750 Ext. 4217 or email her at

Policies & Requirements

  • The community service program is available to all Lincoln High School students on a voluntary basis.  No academic credit is given for participation in this program.
  • Students who complete 100 hours or more of community service before graduation receive special recognition at graduation.
  • Students are encouraged to reflect on their volunteer activities and record them in a Community Passport.  Passports are available for $1 in the Student Volunteer Center.
  • At least 60 of the community service hours must be earned outside of the school day.
  • A maximum of 40 hours of community service activities earned during the school day may be counted toward the 100-hour graduation recognition. 
  • A minimum of 10 hours of community service needs to be completed each semester to qualify for special recognition on student semester report cards.
  • All policies and requirements are subject to regular review by the LHS administration and Board of Education.


Special Programs

Stuff the Bus/Desk - This is a school supply drive and distribution project that many LHS student volunteers assist at annually.

Day of Caring - For the past several years, students have participated in this national day of volunteering.  Several local groups help coordinate this late October event that attracts hundreds of volunteers.  Students at Lincoln High School are encouraged to create their very own projects.

Tutor Program - Each year many LHS students tutor at various elementary schools.  This is an opportunity for students to help other students reach their greatest academic potential.  Teachers and parents are grateful for the extra help their students receive. 

Senior Service Project - Many volunteers look at this as a culminating experience to their three years at Lincoln.  Seniors are called together to create their own service project. In the past this project has included over 100 students.  It has a small budget, lots of responsibility, and fun!

Community Candles - Funds are donated by students and community members to purchase Christmas gifts for children in our area who would otherwise go without.  A local agency provides us with a list of children.  Students do all the shopping and wrapping.  This project begins in late November of each school year.

SmartVote - SmartVote is a service-learning activity held only during presidential elections to increase voter participation and education.  This program links several social studies classes to a number of civic organizations in our community.  The Student Volunteer Center helps register students who are 18 years old for local spring and fall elections.


LHS Fact

The Lincoln High School Volunteer Program is available to all high school students (including freshman) on a voluntary basis. No academic credit is given for participation in this program. Students can receive recognition for volunteer hours accumulated on semester report cards and at graduation.

  • Over 800 students are registered in the LHS Volunteer Center. 
  • Over 85 different volunteer opportunities were offered to students through the LHS Volunteer Center during the 2005-06 school year.
  • Lincoln High School volunteers accumulate approximately 8,000 service hours annually.
  • Over 55 different sites in our schools and community utilize LHS student volunteers.
  • Many past projects have been service-learning activities. These projects are directly tied to classroom activities, district curriculum, and state education standards.

The Volunteer Program offers you to:

  • Test your learning in the real world.
  • Make a difference in someone’s life.
  • Work with some of the community’s skilled leaders and professionals.
  • Learn firsthand about some of society’s issues, needs, and problems.
  • Explore career possibilities.
  • Enhance employability by gaining work experience and references.
  • Experience the satisfaction that comes from working without pay to help someone else.


Did you know that volunteerism:

  • helps develop personal ethics, goals, and positive self esteem? 
  • helps develop leadership skills?
  • helps develop communication skills?
  • helps students investigate potential occupations, careers, and educational opportunities?
  • helps students appreciate and respect different cultures and value the diversity in their community?
  • teaches responsibility and self-discipline?
  • increases self-esteem and academic performance while teaching responsibility?
  • develops positive work attitudes and skills?


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