Pupil Services


A full range of services is available to students in need of special education and other special support programs.

The Programs provide either direct instruction to students or supportive services to assist students to reach their potential.

Teachers are provided assistance through these programs as a resource  as they teach students with special needs and abilities.

Special Education and Pupil Services programs include:

Diagram of Pupil Services Programs

*Intellectual Disabilities; Early Childhood; Emotional Behavioral Disability; Hearing Impaired; Learning Disabilities;
Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy;  Speech/Language; Visually Impaired; Orthopedically Impaired; Other Health Impaired

The District also provides supportive programs which emphasize prevention and intervention services.

A coordinated team of teachers, guidance counselors, health educators, school nurses, school social workers, and school psychologists work

directly with students, parents, and community agencies to effectively contribute to the development of the student. The team approach ensures that

the professional talents of the staff will be coordinated to provide maximum assistance to the learner.

Support programs include:


English Language Learners 

Comprehensive School Counseling

Student Services Prevention and Wellness

Peer Mediation/ Conflict Resolution

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Intervention

School Health Programs

Children At-Risk and Alternative Education

School-Age Parent Program

Crisis Intervention/ Suicide Prevention

Homeless Programs

Migrant Education

Career and Vocational Guidance

Homebound Instruction

Psychological and Educational Testing

The Special Education and Pupil Services Programs are integral components of the
comprehensive instruction program of the Wisconsin Rapids Public School District.

For further information, contact:

Director of Pupil Services
Dr. Matthew Green
510 Peach Street
Wisconsin Rapids WI 54494
Ext. 1070

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